Episode 98: Get in, Gospel Losers

Be sure and listen past the theme tune

3 years ago

This week's episode is a follow-up to last week, when we talked about the importance of understanding and sharing the gospel. This week we wanted to give a few examples of how we "lose" the gospel, or how we are tempted to preach "other gospels" or other versions of good news that may stem from the benefits of following God's commandments. But before the serious stuff, Sam and Josh discuss their weeks, the sickness that's been going around, introducing their children to their favorite forms of nostalgia, like Raggedy Ann, and then a bit on purity culture.

Please stay tuned after the theme tune for some clarification from Josh on some of the comments he made on this episode--he recognized that he didn't do a very good job explaining himself and would hate for you to feel condemned by his poor choice of words.

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